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What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, or psychodynamic counselling (same thing) is just one of the many forms of talking therapy out there. It is the practice of exploring a person's past and present. This process can involve learning to recognise patterns or defences, and in doing so, aims to slowly provide the person with a deeper understanding of themselves. 

What can I help with?

-       Feelings of anxiety and panic

-       Depression and low mood

-       Identity and how you fit into the world

-       Grief and loss

-       Family upsets and struggles

-       Feeling small and lost in life

-       Relationships 

-       Big life changes 

-       Past traumatic events

-       Climate anxiety

-       Racial trauma & POC experience

-       Transgenerational trauma

What will therapy be like?

Therapy might be something that you've thought about for a while, or it might be a sudden need because of a difficult event happening in your life now. Whatever the reason, it is an undertaking that may feel hard at times. But sometimes it will provide relief, and often a positive experience that could be one of the proudest moments of your week. I will be there with you throughout, guiding you through the process of understanding yourself, how you relate to others around you, and ultimately towards positive change for you and your future. 

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