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1) The first step is for us to book in a brief 5 minute phone call to set up a free initial meeting to talk for 30 minutes.  In this time I will ask you some questions about what is bringing you to therapy, and here you can also ask me any questions you might have about what to expect. This is a free consultation.

2) If you feel you would like us to work together, I will ask for your availability, and whether you would prefer in-person or online sessions. I will then look to finding an available time for us to begin. If I am fully booked, or our timings don't match up, I can suggest an alternative service if you would like.

3) I will send you a working contract to explain how payment works, along with the other Ts&Cs like cancellations and data protection rules. We will then start working together with a review session after 6 weeks to see if we're moving in the right direction. 

My fees are £60 per session.




One-to-one personal therapy, either in person or on zoom.

For adults and young people (over 18). 

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Wellbeing consultancy 

Working with organisations like schools, charities etc. to create a robust and holistic approach to mental health. This could be as simple as a one off consultation, or more wrap around support in leading a mental health package.

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